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President/CEO, InsMark, Inc.

Bob Ritter has been in life insurance sales and sales management for over four decades. He started with Mass Mutual in northern New Jersey and at age 26, he was appointed General Agent by Mass Mutual in Oakland, California — the youngest General Agent ever appointed by that company. Three years later he took over a New York City agency for Mass Mutual where he was twice awarded the National Manpower Award, the company’s most prestigious award for the development of sales leaders.

In the early 1980s, Bob formed InsMark, a company dedicated to producing transferable marketing techniques for a wider group of producers. The success of InsMark has been phenomenal as 150+ companies have sponsored InsMark products utilized by over 30,000 producers. He guides his business career based on the following premise:

The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win!

Bob is a life member of MDRT and was a qualifier for Top of the Table and International Forum until the growth of InsMark required all of his time. A dynamic and entertaining speaker, he has spoken at hundreds of industry seminars and conventions and was featured at the 1995, 1996, 2004, and 2008 MDRT annual meetings as well as the 2002 and 2004 annual meetings of the Top of the Table and 2003 and 2006 International Forum.

A past member of the MDRT Foundation’s Board of Directors, Bob was a member of the Split Dollar Sub-Task Force of the Association of Advanced Life Underwriters (AALU) during the lead-up to the Final Split Dollar Regulations issued in 2003. He is also the Founder and Past President of the Diablo Advocates, an organization dedicated to youth opportunities.

Bob graduated from The Lawrenceville School and from Williams College with a degree in Psychology. While at Williams, he also played lead cornet in the first college jazz band ever to play in Carnegie Hall. Called the Spring Street Stompers, this Dixieland jazz group won the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout show on CBS (#1 in the ratings at the time), appeared on the Tonight show on NBC, and played frequently at the top jazz clubs in Boston and New York.

Bob and his wife, Laurel, live in Alamo, California. They have eight children and 22 grandchildren.

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Blog Archives:

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May 2015:

Blog #100: Mysterious Fees for Mutual Funds

Blog #99: One More Time - The Value of “You” to Your Clients

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April 2015:

Blog #98: The Value of “You” to Your Clients (Part 2 of 2)

Blog #97: The Value of “You” to Your Clients (Part 1 of 2)

Blog #96: Retirement Cash Flow Funded by Premium Financing

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March 2015:

Blog #95: How Much Do I Really Need?

Blog #94: How to Double Your Affluent Clients

Blog #93: Maybe the Best Executive Benefit Plan Ever

Blog #92: The Prospecting Magic of Endorsed Referrals from CPAs

Blog #91: The Best of InsMark at the Symposium

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February 2015:

Blog #90: Video on Avoiding a $20 Million Mistake

Blog #89: Another Great Video -- IRA Rescue Made Easy

Blog #88: An Exceptional Video -- Equity Rescue Made Easy

Blog #87: No Income Tax on Social Security Retirement Benefits

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January 2015:

Blog #86: The #1 Reason Advisors Are NOT Getting Paid What They’re Worth

Blog #85: IRS Says Goodbye to a Tiny Bit of Its Red Tape

Blog #84: “Why Pay $22,753 for Something You Could Get for $700?”

Blog #83: Crystal Clear Alternatives.

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December 2014:

Blog #82: A Great Holiday Video

Blog #81: Economics of a Roth IRA Conversion

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November 2014:

Blog #80: Converting Low Yielding Assets into a Charitable Gift Annuity

Blog #79: Insurance Sales to Clients with IRAs

Blog #78: More on How to Smite a Termite

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October 2014:

Blog #77: Integrated Planning for College and Retirement

Blog #76: Smart Use of Term Coverage for Funding College Costs

Blog #75: Golden Handcuffs for Sam Hunt

Blog #74: Long-Term Care - Insure or Self-Insure

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September 2014:

Blog #73: The Discounted Dollars Strategy (Part 2 of 2)

Blog #72: The Discounted Dollars Strategy (Part 1 of 2)

Blog #71: When Life Insurance Doesn’t Work -- or Does It?

Blog #70: What Exactly is CheckMate® Logic?

Blog #69: Seven Variations of a Great Executive Benefit (including my favorite)

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August 2014:

Blog #68: A Pretend 401(k) Plan vs. Indexed Universal Life

Blog #67: Filling the Pothole in Wealth Planning

Blog #66: Buy Now vs. Buy Later Video

Blog #65: An Exceptional Video on Retirement Planning

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July 2014:

Blog #64: More on Single Premium Immediate Annuities

Blog #63: Sometimes You Just Need a Good Calculator

Blog #62: Review of the Rescue Plans

Blog #61: Sacrificing Cash Flow with a 401(k) Plan

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June 2014:

Blog #60: Coupling College Funding With Retirement Planning

Blog #59: The InsMark Business Valuator – A Powerful Tool For Financial Advisers

Blog #58: A New Retirement Planning Strategy

Blog #57: Messages from Washington Are Often Unpleasant

Blog #56: An Easy Charitable Legacy

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May 2014:

Blog #55: Charitable IRA

Blog #54: Dollars to Charity for Pennies of Cost

Blog #53: “There Wasn't Nigh As Many As There Was A While Ago”

Blog #52: Participating Loans vs. Fixed Loans

Blog #51: Avoiding the Tax Bomb in Life Insurance

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April 2014:

Blog #50: The Cost of Waiting

Blog #49: More CheckMate Selling®

Blog #48: Dollars of Benefits for Pennies of Cost

Blog #47: Tom and Kristin’s Retirement Planning

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March 2014:

Blog #46: Let’s Make Sure the Girls Go to College

Blog #45: Controlled Executive Bonus Plan for Life Insurance and Disability Income (Part 5 of “Valuing the Business”)

Blog #44: Alternate Golden Handcuffs for Tom Hamilton

#Blog #43: Golden Handcuffs for Tom Hamilton (Part 3 of “Valuing the Business”)

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February 2014:

Blog #42: Adding Key Executive Coverage (Part 2 of “Valuing the Business”)

Blog #41: If We Sell Our Business, Can We Afford to Retire?

Blog #40: Leveraged Deferred Compensation

Blog #39: More on the Magic of Indexed Universal Life

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January 2014:

Blog #38: Avoiding a $20 Million Mistake

Blog #37: Four Ways to Smite a Termite

Blog #36: The Magic of Indexed Universal Life

Blog #35: Revisiting the Pothole in Wealth Planning (Good Logic vs. Bad Logic™)

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December 2013:

Blog #34: A “Kick Start” for Your Holidays

Blog #33: Referred Leads - How to Use Them Effectively

Blog #32: Documents On A Disk™ is Now in the Cloud

Blog #31: IRA Rescue Made Easy

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November 2013:

Blog #29: Accessing Upscale Prospects

Blog #28: Notes to Those Beginning to Sell Financial Products

Blog 27: Don’t Buy Yet, I’m Not Finished Selling

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October 2013:

Blog #26: Exceptional Benefits for Outstanding Executives

Blog #25: Is Indexed Universal Life Too Good To Be True?

Blog #24: Maybe The Best Lead Generation Idea Ever

Blog #23: Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

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September 2013:

Blog #22: My Daughter Will Be Running My Business

Blog #21: Equity Rescue Made Easy

Blog #20: Could Your Case Be Going Down The Drain?

Blog #19: How to Solve the Toughest Part of Your Business

Blog #18: Premium Financing Meets Wealthy And Wise®

Blog #17: CheckMate Selling®

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August 2013:

Blog #16: What Do Your Clients Think About You?

Blog #15: How to Take Money Out of a Business Without Paying Taxes on It -- Legally

Blog #14: #1 Financial Concern of Most People? Running Out of Money!

Blog #13: A New Look At An Old Idea

Blog #12: Three Smart (and relatively unknown by clients) Tax Strategies for Retirement Accounts

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July 2013:

Blog #11: You’re Often Dead Without Deadlines

Blog #10: Annuity Rescue Made Easy

Blog #9: Selling Incognito

Blog #8: The Pothole in Wealth Management, Good Logic vs. Bad Logic™

Blog #7: If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance

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